Our values

Customer Care
We want to represent the ideal supplier for our customers and create with them a successful bilateral partnership. We are aware of the fundamental importance of our customers both internal and external: the first are decisive for the sustenance and growth of the organization, the second allow this to happen. This is why we invest every day in the relationship with each of them, through an attitude based on listening, understanding, transparency, willingness and empathy: thus we aim at their FULL SATISFACTION, ensuring them quality and promptness in responses.

We want to be an exceptional workplace, where people are encouraged to give their best.

Team Working
The cooperation among the members of our company and sense of belonging are necessaries and essentials for the satisfaction of our customers. The relationships in our team are based on respect and trust. We are aware of the value of the different contribution of each of us, of the importance of sharing and mutual aid.

Individual Responsibility
Each member of our company is responsible for his behavior towards the clients, colleagues and collaborators. Everyone strives daily to create a positive work environment to be an example in terms of consistency, decision-making and operational autonomy. The activities of each employee are consistent with the company policy with regard to social responsibility, in compliance with safety and environmental protection.

We involve ourselves to maintain and share our technical expertise and management at the highest level through a continuous updating, in order to reduce waste and improve the outcomes for our customers.

Curiosity & Innovation
We want to represent the excellence in the world of closures, to be the first mover for new trends. Innovation is in the DNA of our company. Dynamism and initiative characterize our decisions, which are based on the receptiveness, flexibility and perspective vision of each member of our team. We're CURIOUS: every action we take and every fact we observe, are discussed to find different ways to reach the goal in the most performing way. 

Order, Tidiness & Good Taste
We want everything in our company, both material and immaterial, internal or external, to be consistent with our principles. Our company shall be pretty, clean and tidy. We want people to feel it, whether they visit us, they're browsing our catalogue or they receive our goods. Every new thing we do, arrange or repair, shall respond fully to these canons of taste and behavior.