Sole 24 Ore talks about Sughera, the closure without glue and without cork's smell.

Sole 24 Ore talks about Sughera, the closure without glue and without cork's smell.

A micro-agglomerated cork closure, perfectly sterilized, tied without glue. Thanks to this feature it is able to avoid the risk of TCA infection. 
It's Sughera, the first closure developed by Labrenta without glue to be in contact with the wine. The company had concluded a ten-year process of research crowned with a patent. The innovation consists of a special blend of pharmaceutical polymer that is a natural tie between cork micro-grain. 

Totally recyclable 

For wine producers, this means that they can offer a purer closure, completely recyclable. «We are in front of a really revolutionary product - underlines Gianni Tagliapietra, CEO of Labrenta - In the last years, the wine-making world pointed to micro-agglomerated closures, leaving out that in this way you put in touch wine with glue. Our company studied and realized a product without glue that today is improved by an additional innovation». 

Indeed the new Sughera is the result of sophisticated micro-injections - another Labrenta patent - that allows to repeat the nature of cork. 

Natural grooving 

Creating on the closure surface particular grooves, relized to repeat the details of natural cork, Sughera has a great effect, not only for visual effect. Also for touch, the natural perception of velvet effect its the same. 
«I have tested Sughera and I think that is a great solution - confirms Stefano De Vicari, best Venetioan Sommelier 2009 - in addiction of being an ecological and natural product, Sughera manteins the features of a cork closure: performance uniformity, homogeneity of extraction force and springback, purity in contact with wine. Very important is that this closure is able to avoid the risk of TCA and it not contains chemical or synthetic glues». The entire production is developed in Italy.